April 2023

Why Is DevX a Thing Now?

Developer Experience (DevX) Also Drives Business Performance

The Developer Experience (DevX) describes the experience developers have while using or working on a product.

The thinking goes that developers are users too. They use products, frameworks, tools, etc., and their positive or negative experiences will drive behavior.  Happy developers, through a positive DevX experience, will create exceptional software in the long term.

Here is our monthly curated list of thought-provoking articles and blog posts around DevX.


Developer Experience (DevX) and Why It Matters

By Judy Tsuei

DevX is about the feelings and perceptions a developer has while interacting with a technical product, either as a user of an API or SDK for example or as a creator of a product like an app or a more complex system.

Great DevX optimizes things like the developers’ workflows, processes, and overall work environment so they can have a more meaningful and delightful experience. It is a lot like UX, but for a different audience.



Developer Experience Knowledge Base

By DX Heroes

This is a portal dedicated exclusively to DevX.  It is curated by a team of qualified developers with years of experience in the field.

They have gone through many projects, corporate cultures and teams, which enables them to better identify the needs and struggles of developers.



Developer Experience: Navigating Digital Transformation For Productivity And Satisfaction

By Marcus Maestri

This book provides a comprehensive view of how to think about DevX and how to successfully bring it into an organization.

It includes things like DevX organization structures, techniques to measure and optimize DevX initiatives, steps to create a Platform Engineering team, and strategies to attract and retain talent through DevX, among many other topics.



An Open Platform For Building Developer Portals

By Backstage

The Backstage platform is an open platform for building developer portals leveraging a centralized software catalog.  These portals restore order to your infrastructure and enable your product teams to ship high-quality code quickly without compromising autonomy.

The Backstage portal unifies all your infrastructure tooling, services, and documentation to create a streamlined development environment from end to end.



Designing The Developer Experience

By Tanja Bach and Jacob Bo Tiedemann

This is an engaging 45-minute video that shows how important the developer experience is to both developers and businesses.

The authors share their experience with real-world examples of how they created a developer experience for a cloud infrastructure product and an IoT platform that developers loved.

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