July 2021

Where Are the Killer IoT Business Applications?

IoT Is Maturing and Businesses Are Exploring Options

IoT is beginning to transform many aspects of how businesses operate, compete, and engage with customers. As businesses begin to understand the possibilities, entire business models are expected to be fundamentally disrupted.

More and more connected devices generating more and more data present a huge challenge for business. Identifying the value of all this information is now a priority.

And efficiently collecting, processing, analyzing, storing, and using this data will be the next technological challenge.

Here is our monthly curated list of thought-provoking books, blogs, podcasts, and articles discussing the current thinking and best practices around IoT:


The Internet of Things Needs a Business Model. Here It Is

By Michael Blanding

Companies have struggled to find the right opportunities for selling the Internet of Things.

This article explores the challenges and the future as the technology matures and more and more devices are connected.



What is AWS IoT?

By Dirk Didascalou

Things, Internet, and connectivity are the three core components of IoT.

This is a great 10 minute overview of how AWS has closed the gap between the physical and digital world with self-reinforcing and self-improving systems and tools.



How Is the IoT World Shaping Up in 2021 and What Trends Will Influence Its Future?

By Céline Bernard

Despite a tumultuous 2020, connected devices continue to shape the future of numerous industries and businesses.

This is a quick overview of a few facts, figures and trends, gathered across the web, that show where IoT is and where it is going.



The Internet of Things Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

By James Cunningham and Jason Whalley

This book is based on an interdisciplinary workshop organized in London in 2018 that drew together leading academics in a number of areas to investigate the complexities and the promises of IoT.

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