January 2024

Time to Add AI to Your Mix

Is There Really a Business Case for AI Right Now?

This month we look at what could be a very important year for the expansion of practical uses of AI beyond specialized use cases into things like immersive media, augmented reality, connected cars, and natural language processing.

Enjoy this list of curated articles with interesting insight on what is happing in AI all around us.



15 Top Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business

By Mary K. Pratt

As AI becomes more mainstream, businesses are focusing mostly on standalone technology for specialized use cases or on embedding it within common enterprise software systems that handle core business processes.

This article explores 15 applications being deployed now with clear business cases.  Things such as AI creative work, AI as coach for leveling up workers, and AI for automating routine cognitive work, quality control, and/or decision support.



The Business Case for AI

By Kavita Ganesan

This book is a practical guide that tries to take the mystery out of implementing AI, including real-world AI examples.

The author talks about what’s true, what’s hype, and what’s realistic to expect from AI and machine learning systems. It also discusses the three pillars of AI success and a systematic framework for testing and evaluating the value of AI initiatives.



How AI Could Empower Any Business

By Andrew Ng

Expensive to build and often needing highly skilled engineers to maintain, AI systems generally only pay off for large tech companies with vast amounts of data. But what if your local pizza shop could use AI to predict which flavor would sell best each day of the week?

In this 11-minute TED Talk, Andrew Ng shares a vision for democratizing access to AI and empowering any business to make decisions that will increase their profit and productivity.



The Rise of AI-Powered Applications: Large Language Models in Modern Business

By Siddhant Raman

This is a quick read to better understand the large language model (LLM) market and how it is transforming industries worldwide.

With predicted exponential growth (AI market will go from $11.3 billion in 2023 to $51.8 billion by 2028) and with applications like ChatGPT setting a record as the fastest-growing internet app in history, it is safe to assume that AI and LLMs are here to stay.

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