April 2024

The Age of Ransomware

Are There Any Effective Mitigation Strategies?

Ransomware attacks continue to plague businesses of all sizes, posing a significant threat to data security and operational continuity.  These malicious software programs can lock down critical systems and encrypt valuable data, demanding hefty ransoms for recovery.

This newsletter explores the current ransomware landscape and what actionable steps can be taken to fortify defenses and to ensure a swift recovery.



Ransomware Tracker 2024

By Spin.AI

This is a downloadable ransomware tracker, regularly updated with incidents and attacks by name, location, date, and industry.

If you are still not convinced that ransomware attackes are very common, remember that 71% of organizations worldwide experienced at least one ransomware attack in 2022, with the average damage reaching an astounding $4.3 million.



Ransomware Protection Playbook

By Roger A. Grimes

Roger A. Grimes is a computer security veteran and expert penetration tester.  He has come up with an actionable blueprint for organizations seeking a robust defense against ransomware attacks.

In addition to including technical preventative measures, this critical book discusses:

  • How to quickly detect an attack, limit the damage, and decide whether to pay the ransom
  • How to implement a pre-set game plan in the event of a security breach to limit reputational and financial damage
  • How to lay down a secure foundation of cybersecurity insurance and legal protection to mitigate the disruption to your business


Ransomware In the Cloud

By Paloalto Networks – Unit 42

Margaret Zimmermann, a Unit 42® DFIR consultant, discusses the risks and mitigation strategies of ransomware in the cloud.

The video shows how cloud infrastructure presents a different attack surface and why it’s vital to protect cloud resources as diligently as on-premises assets.

This 7-minute video covers common risks and two common ransomware attack vectors in the cloud: object-level storage and cloud file system services.

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