December 2023

So Long to 2023!

The End of Any Year Is a Good Time to Reflect on Key Technology Trends

This month we pause to reflect on the technology trends, breakthroughs, and lessons learned from 2023.

2023 saw an explosive adoption of AI that will be felt in the year ahead as the technology continues to make an impact on nearly everyone. In addition to the AI revolution, immersive media will be made more accessible, connected cars will give rise to new media opportunities, and carbon-efficient advertising will gain priority.

Enjoy this list of curated articles with interesting insight on what is happing technology-wise all around us.



2023 Developer Survey

By Stack Overflow

For 13 years, Stack Overflow has delivered industry-leading insights for developers.

This report helps IT professionals stay up to date with the evolving developer experience and technologies that are rising or falling in favor, and to understand where tech might be going next.

This year the Survey went deep into AI/ML to capture how developers are thinking about it and using it in their workflows



The State of the Octoverse 2023

By GitHub

In 2023, GitHub data highlighted how AI has quickly begun to reshape the developer experience.

Developers love to learn by doing, and open source helps developers more rapidly adopt new technologies, integrate them into their workflows, and build what’s next. Open source also powers nearly every piece of modern software—including much of the digital economy.

In this year’s report, GitHub looks at how open source activity around AI, the cloud, and Git has changed the developer experience and is increasingly driving impact among developers and organizations alike.



These 5 Major Tech Advances of 2023 Were The Biggest Game Changers

By June Wan

2023 has been the year of Artificial Intelligence taking the world by storm, prompting major shifts in businesses, small and large.

This pursuit of technological innovation has ushered in several breakthroughs in how we conceive, communicate, and interact with the hardware and software surrounding us.  This article covers 5 interesting game changers:

  1. On-device AI
  2. Generative AI for professional workflows
  3. Wireless TVs
  4. Copilot for everybody
  5. Pinching the air

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