August 2021

Are Serverless and FaaS Systems Here to Stay?

Serverless and Faas Offer a Compelling Business Case

Serverless systems are having a significant impact on cloud costs.  For example, running twelve (12) 200ms transactions using a traditional AWS EC2 t2.nano configuration would cost 2300 times more than running it in AWS Lambda.  That is a very compelling reduction from $0.012 to $$0.000005.

In addition to these savings, having great elasticity by breaking an application monolith into independently deployed functions means a better ability to split teams to work on more things in parallel, and to deploy each feature separately.

Finally. some estimates out there show that moving to AWS Lambda gave an overall operational cost reduction of greater than 95% for a comparable amount of computing.

Here is our monthly curated list of thought-provoking books, blogs, podcasts, and articles discussing the current thinking and best practices around Serverless and FaaS:


Serverless Showdown: AWS Lambda vs Azure Functions vs Google Cloud Functions

By Moneer Rifai

At the heart of the serverless paradigm is the Function as a Service (FaaS) model, a category of services that make it ridiculously easy to run code in the cloud without provisioning any computing infrastructure.

This article explores the challenges and the future as the technology matures and more and more devices are connected.


Video: What is FaaS?

By IBM Cloud Channel

This is a well-structured 10-minute overview of what Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) is.

It also does a nice chronological walkthrough on how things have evolved from the time when the cloud was not a thing to today’s serverless and FaaS capabilities



Sotware Architecture Patterns for Serverless Systems

By John Gilbert

This book shows how the serverless first mindset empowers autonomous teams and how the event-first approach creates an inversion of responsibility.

This book shows why serverless architectures forces us to rewire how we think about systems.

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