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The Problem

Poor code quality and testing. Too many bugs. Code that is too hard to maintain. A deployment process that hinders the timely realization of expected business benefits.

  • Technical debt constantly being introduced without being spotted or tested
  • No coherent QA strategy allowing too many bugs into production
  • Slow, time-bound, error-prone, and labor-intensive deployment process
  • Application portfolio with open, untested, unresolved, and forgotten bugs

The Solution

Implemented a world-class QA strategy across the board. Implemented automated testing and an automated continuous development pipeline.

  • Identified gaps in existing applications to comply with new QA strategy
  • Refactored code to fit into new QA strategy
  • Extended test coverage to all code
  • Deployed automated testing across the board
  • Updated DevOps architecture
  • Implemented SonarQube
  • Migrated to the new automated development pipeline

The Result

90% reduction in errors introduced into production, maintenance costs, and deployment costs. Significant acceleration of business benefits.

  • 90% reduction in new bugs
  • 90% reduction in labor required to manage deployments
  • Elimination of quarterly long release cycles to realize business benefits continuously
  • 90% reduction in maintenance costs